Boys/Girls Leather Diffuser Bracelet-B12
Handcrafted And Unrefined

Boys/Girls Leather Diffuser Bracelet-B12

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This handmade, leather bracelet is perfect for diffusing essential oils through-out the day. Your child will look, smell, and feel better while wearing this!

How does a leather diffuser bracelet work? Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the leather portion of the bracelet and enjoy! The leather acts as a diffuser and the scent lasts for several days. However, feel free to apply more as needed! 

Leather bracelets have been extremely helpful for my family! They have provided a fashionable way for us to benefit from our oils without drawing unwanted attention. 

This bracelet will come with a sample of my sons favorite essential oil blend that helps with focus during the school day. Feel free to apply your own oils, however!

Note: if you need a different size, please contact me.  I will custom make the size you need.

Length 7"

Width 1"

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