About Me

I love using Therapeutic grade essential oils and believe they should be in every home.  They have changed my life.  Because of it I value time spent teaching classes and educating others on the importance of well being through the use of essential oils and plant based products. I have found so much joy in incorporating oils in different ways.  Everything I have created is because I first created it for myself.  I come up with crazy ideas because I think it's fun and then my ideas become reality. It's pure pleasure.  I am a creative person in nature so if I think it then I try to make it.  

I live in the Indianapolis area but grew up in a small town in upper Indiana. I moved to Indianapolis to study Art.  I fell in love with expressing myself through the use of my hands and so I contine to do what makes me happy and I teach my boys the same thing.  I have two wonderful boys, age 6 and 12.   My boys have really made me the person I am today.  I never knew they'd be the ones to lead me on that path I was destined to follow.  My husband has played a big role in my growth as well, in helping me trust myself and support myself better and follow my heart.  

I love God, Jesus and the Holy spirit like no other.  I greatly enjoy boxing, yoga, rock climbing and find pure joy in nature.  I love sitting in the sun and meditating.  I am drawn to stones and crystalsas i feel they connect me to the Earth.  My favorite crystals are Citrine and Selenite. 

I love the sound of rain and the chirping of birds.  I value people greatly and love to encourage and support others through their journey.  I am a huge advocate for going after your dreams and listening to your heart.  Even if it's scary.  If It's scary then you have to do it.  That's the only way we grow as individuals.

Finding your core being requires stepping outside of the box, exploring and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. That pull at the heart strings.  This has been very important to me over the years and so here I am doing what I love. i encourage everyone to explore the outside of the box and spread light to other people and to grow through the process. 

I am so thankful for you , for taking the time to dive into my life a little.  I hope you enjoy what you see and I thank you for supporting me!