Diffuser shirt

Taking care of your vessel, your body, requires you to practice what you love.  For me Yoga, Boxing and hiking are three things I love to do. They strengthen not only my body but also my mind. 

I try to incorporate Essential oils into everything I do because of the way they support my body systems.  Naturally I want to use oils during my workout routine but it's not the easiest to do.  I can apply on my skin but the scent doesn't linger like a diffuser does.

  This winter I had a sweater that I really liked but it had a whole in it.  I contemplated getting rid of it but decided to put a leather patch on it. I had a light bulb moment as I thought about how I add oils to my sons leather bracelet for school so I naturally I dropped a couple drops onto this patch.  it was great and uplifted my mood all day long as I wore it.  I thought how great would it be to incorporate oils into my youga practice just like this and so the Diffuser Tank was born.

Right before a strenuous workout add a couple drops of essential oils to the patch and you're ready to go.  I like to roll the oil on with a roller bottle filled with my choice of oil.  choose oils that motivate you and get you performing your best.  I like to use oils that support my respiratory system.